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Presentation Guideline – Practitioner Wisdom

(Revised December 2015)

Teachers, physicians, clinicians, choreographers, and dancers are practitioners when they train, treat, and educate dancers. Practitioners who work with dancers extensively gain insights that may be instructive to others who work with dancers. This type of presentation allows experienced practitioners to share insights based on extensive experience.

Use up to 15 descriptive words.

The first author must be the presenter. Additional authors may be listed if they had a major role in designing the procedure or program that will be described. The International Committee of Medical Journal Editors offer suggestions for Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors (click article title to read).

NOTE: The abstract you submit to IADMS for review should NOT include any author names. Instead, include the statement: "Author names and affiliations removed for blinded review" in the space where author names and affiliations would normally appear. The authors for your presentation will be listed, in order, via the online abstract submission system. You will also insert the author names and affiliations in their appropriate place in your final abstract which will be submitted if your presentation is chosen for inclusion in the program.

Identify the specific question you set out to answer or the specific problem you set out to solve.

Describe the students, clients, or patients with whom you worked, in enough detail so audience members will be able to determine whether your insights are likely to be relevant to the populations with whom they work.

Performance, Capacity, or Outcome
Describe the dancer performance, capacity, or outcome you set out to influence and any efforts you may have made to measure these features systematically.

Explain what you did with the dancers in enough detail so practitioners with similar training would have a reasonable chance of replicating your approach in their own practices if they decided to do so.

Describe the effects of your work with the dancers, including any objective measurements you made and any subjective assessments you feel will be interesting for other practitioners to hear.

Explain the relevance of your observations to IADMS' mission of promoting effective and healthy approaches to training, treating, and educating dancers. Also explain any implications for future research in dance medicine and science.

Practitioner Experience
Essential evidence for practitioner wisdom is the extent of the practitioner’s relevant experiences. Add a brief summary of your professional experience as it relates to the topic of this presentation.

PDF Practitioner Wisdom Sample Abstract (PDF)

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