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IADMS's Response to COVID-19

Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT (GMT-4)
LIVE STREAM 5: Effective Communication with a Dancer.
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Helping Dancers Help Themselves

Resources for COVID-19

IADMS has always worked to facilitate an international network of communication between dance and medicine. We have all been significantly affected by COVID-19 as a global pandemic. We are dealing with dramatic changes to our work, school and community environments. We have a unique opportunity to come together and support our IADMS community and promote safe and healthy dance environments as we adjust to this difficult and evolving situation.

This page is meant to be a collection of resources to help our community navigate this challenging time. The resources included are meant to help provide information that is specific to dance and COVID-19 and is not meant to substitute for professional medical advice or recommendations from your local health authorities and governments. As new knowledge and understanding regarding COVID-19 is constantly emerging, please also continue to refer to your public health resources and latest research. It is impressive and inspiring to see the creativity and problem solving occurring around the world in our dance community.


Information about COVID-19

Professional Dancers and Companies:

Bordeaux Ballet, France
Bordeaux Ballet - Reprise Post Confinement ONBA (Ce document est seulement en français.)

Dance/USA Task Force on Dancer Health
Return to Dancing and Training Considerations Due to-COVID-19
COVID-19 FAQ for Dancers and Dance Companies Returning to the Studios

Royal New Zealand Ballet Returning to the Dance Center Protocols
RNZB COVID-19 Safety Plans (see inside each file for actual titles and audience):
Artistic (level 2) | Artistic (level 3) | Costume | Staff | Tradie/Contractor
Protocol For Entering Dance Centre During COVID-19 (pdf version) (docx version)
Conditions Of Returning To Work During COVID-19 Alert Levels Declaration Form (first version) (alternate version)

Dance Educators and Schools:

Canadian Royal Academy of Dance COVID-19 information:
Canada | Coronavirus (COVID-19)

England Royal Academy of Dance COVID-19 guidance:
COVID-19 guidance

German Professional Association for Dance Pedagogy, Recommended action for the gradual opening of ballet and dance schools:
Aktualisierte Handlungsempfehlung des Deutschen Berufsverbandesfür Tanzpädagogik (DBfT) zum „Corona-Exit“: Deutsch PDF | German-to-English translation PDF

Research study from South Korea about COVID-19 infections associated with Fitness classes:
Cluster of Coronavirus Disease Associated with Fitness Dance Classes, South Korea


Mental Health in COVID-19

IADMS: Performing Artists’ Mental Health and COVID-19—Webinar series

Webinar 1: How is COVID-19 affecting us?
This webinar is the inaugural mental health session for professionals who work with performing artists and, in particular, professional and pre-professional dancers. Drs. Nancy Kadel, Bonnie Robson, and Paula Thomson join the president of IADMS, Mr. Peter Lewton-Brain, and Dr. Lynda Mainwaring for a half hour webinar examining how the current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting performing artists, and how we can help ourselves and each other.

Webinar 2: Why am I feeling this way? And what can I do?
Emotions, moods, affect, and feelings that we may experience during the current COVID-19 pandemic and from the pervasive disruptions to our lives are explored in the second mental health webinar. Drs. Nancy Kadel, Bonnie Robson, Lynda Mainwaring, and Paula Thomson join the president of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science, Mr. Peter Lewton-Brain, to explore theory related to, and evidence-based practical strategies for, mental health and performing artists. They continue to build on the Performing Artists’ Mental Health webinars’ theme: How can we help ourselves and each other.

Webinar 3: Stress and Coping
This webinar explores stressors that dancers may experience in association with COVID-19. Drs. Matthew Grierson, Nancy Kadel, Lynda Mainwaring, Bonnie Robson, and Paula Thomson discuss with the president of IADMS, Mr. Peter Lewton-Brain, how COVID-19 impacts dancers and how the body responds to stressful situations. Strategies for coping with stressful events are offered.

Webinar 4: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream, During COVID-19
This webinar covers key concepts about sleep and its influence on dancers’ health. Dreams, nightmares, and COVID-19 dreams are identified. Dancers are offered strategies to regulate sleep and manage nightmares. Drs. Lynda Mainwaring and Nancy Kadel co-host, joined by experts Drs. Bonnie Robson and Paula Thomson.

Webinar 5: Sensitive and Resilient: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Webinar 5 focuses on the reality that COVID 19 has situated our entire industry in a fragile state. Drs. Kadel, Mainwaring, Robson, and Thomson offer insights on sensitivity and resilience in performing artists. Deeper understanding about resilience and how it influences sensitivity will be examined. Six strategies for enhancing resilience during challenging times are offered to dancers to add to their dance bag of coping resources.
» After viewing this webinar, we invite you to share your thoughts and feedback.

Webinar 6: Re-Entry: Navigating the New Normal with COVID-19
The coronavirus catapulted us into an unprecedented, uncertain and unnerving way of life. We have experienced social isolation, physical distancing, life and work disruption, illness, fear and anxiety, death, loss of income and loss of personal freedom and movement. And now, we are faced with unfamiliar territory to navigate—re-entering a world that is different from the one we left. How do we leave the safety of our homes and move back to what we did before, or do we? Our expert panel explores how we can successfully navigate the transition to a new normal lifestyle in the wake of COVID-19 in the 6th webinar of the series on Performers Mental Health. In this webinar Nancy Kadel, Peter Lewton-Brain, Paula Thomson, and Bonnie Robson discuss getting the mind and the body prepared for returning to activity.
» After viewing this webinar, we invite you to share your thoughts and feedback.


Webinar 7: Psychosocial Changes: Navigating the New Normal with COVID-19

Webinar 8: Depression: Dark Night of the Soul

Webinar 9: Loss and Grief

Minding the Gap: Dancer Mental Health Town Hall—COVID-19 series

Discussion 1: On perfection in the time of COVID-19

Discussion 2: When COVID-19 means it’s over without closure

Discussion 3: On food and body image during the COVID-19 crisis (In partnership with One Dance UK)

Dancers: honor your mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak

The Dance Docs

Coping with COVID-19: Strategies for maximizing mental and emotional health in performing artists


Resources for Staying in Shape and Healthy during Social Isolation


Dance/USA Task Force on Dancer Health
Ideas for staying in shape during social isolation restrictions

The Dance Docs
Coping with COVID-19: Dance Specific Recommendations
Connecting Virtually in a COVID World
Staying One Jump Ahead

Wake Forest Baptist Health
Tips for Dancers While Training at Home

Dance Teachers:

IADMS: Safe Dance Practice in Isolation—Live stream panels

Live Stream 1: Safe Dance Practice in Quarantine: A Panel Conversation for Educators, with IADMS and SiDI Leaders • Also available on Facebook
This live panel discussion with IADMS and Safe in Dance International leaders took place on Saturday, 25, 2020, in the IADMS Science for Dance Educators Facebook group. Dance educators of any level and dancers (student, pre-professional, or professional) were invited to join, listen to the conversation, and share their questions with the panelists.

Live Stream 2: Conditioning for Dance during COVID-19: Strength, Power, Endurance, and Speed • Also available on Facebook
This live stream panel discussion occurred on Saturday, May 9, 2020, in the IADMS Science for Dance Educators Facebook group. Hosted by the IADMS's Dance Educators' Committee and moderated by Chair, Ellie Kusner, MSc, guest panelists include Robert Tsai, DPT, Stevie Oakes, MFA, and Nico Kolokythas, PhD.

Live Stream 3: Exploring the Scope of Dance Education During COVID-19 • Also available on Facebook
This live stream panel discussion occurred on Saturday, May 16, 2020, in the IADMS Science for Dance Educators Facebook group. Moderated by Ellie Kusner, MSc, IADMS Dance Educators' Committee chair, with guest panelists Betsy Coker, EdD, MA, Laura Grant, MSEd, and André Megerdichian. This panel will help you consider your new teaching practice through the lens of science. We will discuss education of the dancing body and brain with ideas from neuroscience, improvisation, somatics, and more.

Live Stream 4: Dance for Health Interventions during a Global Pandemic...and Beyond • Also available on Facebook
This conversation occurred on Saturday, June 6, at 12noon EDT (GMT-4) in the IADMS Science for Dance Educators Facebook group. Dance for health educators bring the power of dance to a wide range of populations, all of whom face unique challenges in isolation. What's more, many of these students are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19, so while studios around the world cautiously begin to reopen, it is likely that many dance for health teachers will continue to work with their students in a virtual format. In order to support these important educators, this panel invites members of the IADMS Dance for Health Committee to discuss their work during this global pandemic and consider the future of their field. Panelists include Clare Guss-West, MA, Emily Jenkins, MA, David Leventhal, and Åsa N. Åström, and will be hosted by Ellie Kusner, MSc, Chair of the Dance Educators' Committee.

Live Stream 5: Effective Communication with a Dancer
This conversation will occur on Tuesday, June 30, 2020, 5:00pm - 6:30pm EDT (GMT-4) on the IADMS Facebook page. This seminar, entitled "Effective Communication with a Dancer" is designed to explore the way in which medical professionals, dancers, and artistic directors view injury and the ways in which they communicate during a clinical encounter. The seminar will show where there is overlap and where there are opportunities for improvement and will draw from a wealth of professional experience from the speakers.

Speakers include:

  • Lyle Micheli, MD—Professor, Department of Orthopedics, Division of Sports Medicine, Boston Children's Hospital
  • Heather Southwick, PT—Director of Physical Therapy, Boston Ballet
  • Chyrstyn Fentroy—Soloist, Boston Ballet
  • Russell Kaiser—Assistant Artistic Director, Boston Ballet
  • David Popoli, MD—Assistant Professor, Departments of Orthopedics and Pediatrics, Division of Sports Medicine, Wake Forest Baptist Health, IADMS Medical Committee Chair
  • Kathleen Davenport, MD—Director of Physiatry, HSS Florida, IADMS Board of Directors


The Dance Docs

Dancing in a Virtual Studio

Taking Dance Classes Online-Adapting Expectations


IADMS Members' Contributions During COVID-19

Dancing through COVID-19

Harkness Center for Dance Injuries
Harkness Center for Dance Injuries Login
Free Online Dance Injury Prevention Lecture. To access, go to, create an account, view the catalog, and select the lecture titled "Dance Injury Prevention" under the category “Other/Somatic/Dance Educator”. Use the discount code STAYSAFE at checkout to obtain "Dance Injury Prevention" for free.


Service Organization Resources

The Actors Fund Emergency Financial Assistance for Dancers
Emergency Financial Assistance for Dancers provides up to $1000 for rent, mortgage or other basic living expenses.

COVID-19 Freelance Artists Resource
This site provides an aggregated list of FREE resources, opportunities, and financial relief options available to artists of all disciplines.

Creative Capital List of Arts Resources in Response to COVID-19
This website offers a live stream series, Coping with COVID, as well as an ongoing list of relief funds and philanthropic support in response to the financial impact of the coronavirus.

One Dance UK COVID-19 Guidance
This site provides regular financial information for the dance community in the UK due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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